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About our data

What is the most recent data shown?

Bus satisfaction: Bus Passenger Survey Autumn 2016 (added June 2017)

Train satisfaction: National Rail Passenger Survey Spring 2017 (added August 2017)

Complaint appeals: 1 January – 31 May 2017 (added August 2017)

Complaints about how Transport Focus resolved a complaint appeal: 1 January – 31 May 2017 (added August 2017)

Complaint appeal passenger satisfaction survey: 1 January – 31 May 2017 (added August 2017)

When is new data added?

Bus satisfaction: annually in March

Train satisfaction: biannually in January and July

Complaint appeals: quarterly in April, July, October and January

Complaints about how Transport Focus resolved a complaint appeal: quarterly in April, July, October and January

Complaint appeal passenger satisfaction survey: quarterly in April, July, October and January

Is the data available for download?

Yes — you can download the data from this site. This includes the National Passenger Survey, select weighted survey statistics and complaint appeal information mediated by Transport Focus.

What is the train satisfaction data shown?

The train satisfaction data included in this tool is from the National Passenger Survey. We consult over 50,000 train passengers a year to produce this survey. It provides a network-wide picture of passengers' satisfaction with rail travel. Passenger opinions of train services are collected twice a year from a representative sample of journeys. Therefore, passengers' overall satisfaction and satisfaction with 30 specific aspects of service can be compared over time.

This tool only displays results for questions where a sample size of 50 or greater is available; anything lower may be unrepresentative. More detailed information about the survey methodology can be found here.

What is the bus satisfaction data shown?

The bus satisfaction data comes from our Bus Passenger Survey. We ask bus passengers to rate their satisfaction with 32 aspects of their bus journey, including overall journey satisfaction and value for money. This survey is carried out across many areas of the United Kingdom each year. Some areas and bus companies are covered in more than one year meaning their results can also be compared over time. Results are only displayed where there are sufficient sample sizes (at least 200 in total for an area or bus company and at least 75 for a sub group). More detailed information about the Bus Passenger Survey can be found here.

What is the complaint appeals data shown?

This tool only contains complaint appeals that have been resolved. It displays them according to the year in which they were opened. If a complaint appeal is still in the process of being resolved, then it is excluded from the tool until it is resolved. Therefore there will often be a lag of six months before the full data for a period is shown in the tool. For example: a passenger opens a complaint appeal with us on 20 December 2012 and we resolve their complaint appeal on 5 April 2013. The complaint appeal will appear in the 2012 results shown in this tool when data is added in July 2013.

Transport Focus does not represent passengers with complaint appeals in the London area. London TravelWatch resolves these and therefore this data is not yet included in this data tool.

Complaint appeal definitions

Complaint appeal
If a passenger is unhappy with the outcome of a complaint they have made to a train company, or believe the train company handled their complaint inappropriately, they can ask us to pursue it further on their behalf. We call this a complaint appeal.
Complaint appeal pursued
A complaint appeal that we have pursued on behalf of a passenger.
Complaint appeal not pursued by passenger
The passenger failed to respond when we contacted them for more information about their complaint. We were therefore unable to pursue the appeal on their behalf.
Complaint appeal not pursued by Transport Focus
We could not help the passenger as the complaint was handled correctly by the train company in accordance with the National Rail Conditions of Carriage and their passenger charter, and there weren’t any other circumstances that we could use to help us present the passenger’s case. We may also not pursue an appeal if it is on an area that we do not cover.
Train company totals

Total number of complaint appeals pursued against the train company.

In 18 April 2012 we began recording the outcomes of complaint appeals and started identifying those not pursued. Prior to this, train company totals are based on all complaint appeals received. Therefore comparing total complaint appeals for train companies between 2011 and 2012 can indicate a performance improvement that may be misleading.

Disclaimer and licensing

We make every effort to ensure that data we publish in this database is accurate and helpful, but we cannot accept liability for any errors or omissions that do arise. If you require further or more detailed information you are advised to contact us for advice.

This satisfaction and complaint database is made available under the Open Database License. Any rights in individual contents of the database are licensed under the Database Contents License.